BIG 30th Anniversary ANNOUNCEMENT!!

*** Reduced hours Labor Day: 11-4 & the Wild Carrot will be closed Monday. Hoping you have a safe & happy holiday weekend!

WE"RE MOVING this fall!


Moving Sale up to 80% off. Everything must go!

All Supplements (not already marked on sale) are now 35% off!
Everything else in the store (not already marked on sale) is now 30% off! *

* excluding CBD products, Zeke's Coffee, Boiron tubes, 5 gallon water and the Wild Carrot.

A map of where we'll be moving in the fall:


***PLEASE NOTE - Another big announcement: We are changing our hours. Mon-Sat we now close at 7 & Sundays we are closing at 6. Please also note that the Wild Carrot is closed now on Sundays. Thank you!***


We specialize in well researched top-of-the-line supplements, and have an educated and courteous staff to help you discern and find what you are looking for. Don't forget to ask about becoming a member of our Vitamin Club! For only $12 a year (from the day you subscribe) you save 10% on all non-sale supplements. We do also accept manufacturer's coupons.

We also have large RAW and GLUTEN FREE sections, organic / certified humane chicken eggs, local raw honey, make your own peanut butter, an all natural pet section, some organic produce, organic fair trade whole bean coffee (grinder on site) now including coffee , sustainably harvested canned fish, clean & healthy skin & hair care products as well as safe & natural household cleaning products... not to mention a good variety of frozen, refrigerated and dried goods.

Ask about our clearance section & don't miss out on treating yourself to something at the Wild Carrot while you're shopping!

Feel free to contact us with any questions. (410) 560-3133

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